Delilah is about as nice a horse as I have bred, and about as close to what I predicted as any breeding I’ve done. She is a big, but light mover, 16.2 hands. She has the intelligence, heart, sensitivity, and flexibility of her sire, and the size, looks and natural temperament of her dam. Interestingly, she is a champion in hand as well as under saddle.

Delilah is extremely friendly and has an excellent work ethic with a strong desire to please her handler. However, she is quite submissive and backs off readily if handled too strongly or she feels tension in her rider. Olav makes a wonderful connection with Delilah. Being very balanced, relaxed and soft, he is able to give Delilah reassurance and build her confidence. They both like to be light!”

According to Olav, Delilah is talented but looky and she has been progressing well in her work. I really enjoy working with Olav. We discuss Delilah’s program and progress and what I can do in my three works to support and enhance what Olav is doing under saddle. It’s not the usual program, but so far, it’s working very well!

Sue Bassin, Cricket Hill Farm, Andcramdale, NY

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